Chapter 15 - Getting to know the pack

Savannah bowed to me and said," Pleased to meet you, Madam Luna."

I greeted both Katherine and Savannah, they seemed nice. I could hear voices from the inside, but I did not see anyone. I climbed the staircase, following Savannah, who guided me to an ornate set of double doors on the third floor. A large man stood beside the doors, looking imposing. He had short black hair, cut military style; he cocked his eye at me before politely bowing his head. Savannah nodded to the man as he opened the door. I did not have time to say anything because I was soon ushered inside...

The room was warm and inviting, with a cosy fireplace in the sitting area. There were several comfortable looking chairs near the fire. A large flat-screen TV sat in front of a full-sized leather couch. Numerous paintings and antiques decorated the area tastefully. 

"These are Alpha Blake's private quarters. The bedroom and bathroom are through there. I will have food and clothing sent up for you. There
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