Chapter 16 - Punished 1

I could barely believe I was almost cordial with him, a few hours ago, thanks to the thrilling helicopter ride, and then him carrying me so romantically. I tried to bury such thoughts away. I mean what was I thinking? We would be living together, naturally, he would expect.... Certain things. I was so obsessed with avoiding getting marked, I forgot about this.Us being intimate.

My wolf was excited, being the pervert she was. I hated that a part of me was also turned on by the prospect. I was dripping wet already. Last time when he had.... well....done things. The throbbing arousal that he had evoked despite my reluctance...... I bit my lip, trying not to linger on the thought.

"You know you look very sexy when you do that."

He said silkily, his eyes glued to my lips. Seriously, what is this obsession with lip biting? I never got it.

"Aren't you being a bit dramatic? Can we just call For a truce and forget it?" I tried to reason with him as I felt his hand slowly snaking
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Monica Saenz
Rape is what it is. So disgusting. Makes ne wonder if the author didn't get abused.
goodnovel comment avatar
What a way to win her over! No choice of what to do with her own body is just not right
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I think he's a first class asshat. How can he honestly expect her to accept him and the mate bond he treats her like she's nothing and her feelings and opinions count for nothing. To me that is only going cause a bigger wedge between them and her to possibly out right hate him and never trust him.

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