Chapter 17 - Punished 2

Alice (POV) -

I don't know what got into me. I stripped off my tee, followed by my sweatpants. Fumbling with the clasp of my bra. I released my breasts. His eyes widened; I have a slim body, but I am top-heavy. It is surprising for others when they find unexpected curves under my dress. My nipples tightened to attention in the chilled air of the room. My panties followed. I could sense his breathing getting heavy. I could not help smiling slightly. I stood silent and straight before him, nervous, the flush of my sudden nudity tinting my skin.

Lucian finally moved from his position, but he did not approach me. Instead, he walked towards a dresser and picked up something.

A whip? Some degrading sex toys?

I had no idea what kind of sick person he was, but if he hurt me, I was not staying, no matter what. He returned carrying God knows what. His eyes fell on me again. I blushed under that heated gaze. 

"My God! How lovely you are," he said a
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Comments (2)
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Melissa Tynan
hhhmmm female lead is flimsy and fickle at best... most certainly not an alpha female poor attempt to infer she is with her displays of serious lack of control and complete push over... story going downhill fast and just trying to make it on sex alone...
goodnovel comment avatar
And this is supposed to be the way to bring someone out of her shell. Instead of realizing that matebond or not you're basically a stranger who has been forcing himself on her since you met. Gain her trust, love and most importantly actual consent, before using the matebond to get your way.

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