Chapter 58 - The mating barbecue

I wasn't jealous of Savannah, I just wanted her to not remain lonely. Though I am no one to judge, perhaps she was perfectly happy in her current lifestyle, like I was before meeting Lucian. However, getting a mate might change her perspective, as it did for me.

"Alright Ladies, we will be staying at Jade moon pack for two days and meet the unmated wolves from the other packs. By Luna's blessing, you all will find your mates.  Even if you fail to find your mates, don't be disheartened. Just enjoy yourself."

I addressed the crowd of about 50 single girls and women who would be going to the Jade moon pack for the mating barbecue, dance, and picnic. The unmated wolves from about 10 different packs were going to assemble in my brother's territory. It would be a big hassle accommodating and organizing everything for such a giant party. I was glad I wasn't the one organizing it. They giggled and laughed about finding their mates, and I smiled at them. 

"And you have not
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Still suspecting Savannah!

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