Chapter 59 - Betrayal and danger

I woke up lying on a hard floor. I heard water dripping from somewhere, the air smelled damp, and my head throbbed badly. I tried to get up, but the sharp pain made my head swim and I fell back on the floor. Surprisingly, I wasn't tied up.  I looked around but couldn't see much of anything, so I mustered up the courage to slowly stand up. Chains jingled in my feet as I moved them. My short-lived happiness of being untied died immediately, I was chained. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness, and I concluded I was in a cave.

'Lucian' I called into the mental link.

No response.

I was either too far away from him or he had closed the mental link, which was impossible. It meant I was too far away from him. I pulled at the chains, it didn't budge as expected. I wrapped my arms around myself. It was a trap. It was all a trap. Regina didn't die that day. Now, she had me and Clara. I heard approaching footsteps, and instinctively knew who they belonged to.

"Savannah," I said
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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
I had a feeling it was to do with Savannah this whole time she was reeking of betrayal!
goodnovel comment avatar
Patrice Johnson
I said Savanah was up to something...Lucien is gonna kill her please don't drag it out for too long and can we get Lucien POV please.

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