Chapter 60 - The cave of despair

Alice's POV - 

"That's ridiculous!" I snapped at him. These two were being conned by Regina, they were blinded by their ambitions to see through it.

"How can you even trust this woman? She might be taking you both for a ride!" 

"It is possible, isn't it?" He asked gruffly to Regina. 

She trembled a little, "of course! You saw my poison worked isn't it?"

"It better do. I am paying a lot for this bitch!" 

While they argued, I had figured out their whole plan. Regina wanted my blood for whatever spells she had been making, Savannah wanted to get rid of me to get my mate, and this Alpha wolf wanted me for his mate because of my healing power.

They got together and planned the trap, Regina started by luring rogue wolves from different packs to do her bidding. Then got interested in Alphas who wanted to steal me as their mate as her financiers. After losing Adam, this was her second financier.

"Hey if you are done argui
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Let Alice kill Savannah!!

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