Chapter 65 -Epilogue

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Thanks for reading book. The sequel is alreadyout and its titled - "Forever Mine"

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Alice - 

"What am I looking at?" He asked, staring at the 2D model of his house. His parent's house.

"It's your old home, I have remodelled it. See, I have added these extensions here, your mother can have her private balcony. This tiny room can be added to its adjacent one. It would make an excellent nursery..." I rattled on about the changes, and his smile grew.

"It's lovely, but why do you want to remodel the house?"

"So that we can move in. It's lovely the way it is, but I thought of suggesting some improvements."

"You want to move to my home?" He whispered, and I wasn't confident if he liked my idea.

"Yes, our current living arrangement is not very family-friendly, and
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Ditto I just finished book two…. Loved the story
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I'm sorry I only commented now... I was soooo engrossed reading the book!!! It was so great I really enjoyed reading it! Kuddos to the author......
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I absolutely Loved this book & Lucian & Alice's love story!!! Awesome book & story!!!
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