Just Be Mine
Just Be Mine
Author: Sheenzafar

Graduation Ceremony



"Get up, just get up. I, don't want to be late today as well, Vic." Yes, it's me, Jennifer Oxford, who has made a habit of arriving late everywhere she goes. Not because I enjoy being late, but because my best friend enjoys sleeping.

But I still don't want to be late today, like come on guys, today is my graduation ceremony, one of the most important days of my life, and I'm not sure why I'm not as happy as my other classmates.

Maybe it's because I don't have anyone by my side; it's not that I'm unhappy; I have Vic, who is like a sister to me, if not more, than my own sister, but I can't change the fact that I don't have any family.

I recall the day my parents died in a car accident, leaving me and my older sister, Ciala, in this lonely and frightening world. I was only 16 years old at the time, and Ciala was 18 years old. My eyes welled up with tears just thinking about that day.

And it didn't stop there. I thought maybe my luck wasn't with me because my one and only sister, whom I adored, abandoned me, claiming I was the cause of our parents' deaths. I don't know how so many years have passed, but now I'm 22 and about to graduate, but at this point in my life, no one is with me, except for one person, Vic.

"Vic. Vic, yeah," How can I forget that today is our graduation ceremony and Vic is still sleeping?

"Vic, if you don't get up, I'm going to leave you behind," I warned. As soon as she heard this, she jumped out of bed.

"Haha, I knew it would definitely work," I said, making a funny face, and she throws a pillow in my direction because she doesn't like leaving behind alone on her own. Guess why? It's obvious because she's a complete slacker.

So she crawled out of the bed quickly, took a shower, and started getting ready for the ceremony. I was actually staring at her while she was applying a lot of makeup, which means a lot of makeup on her face.

She noticed me several times before saying, "Jenn, just stop staring at me; it's my right to put on makeup today."

I started laughing at her comment because she always had a lot of makeup on her face. She noticed my reaction and said, "Yeah, yeah whatever, at least I'm not someone like you, who has never done makeup ever."

We both burst out laughing because it's true; I've never worn makeup on my face except for a baby pink lipstick because I adore that pink shade.

We left for our destination once she had finished with all of those unimportant things.


We took pictures with our few friends and classmates after the ostensibly boring ceremony. "I know, he likes you," Vic stated flatly.

"Come on Vic, he's just a friend of mine like you," I replied, blushing slightly because I knew it was true, he has feelings for me, and I like him a little bit as well. After all, he was my first male friend, so he was particularly close to me.

Edward was the most well-known student in our class, if not the entire college. He has blond hair, green eyes that look like the entire forest is in his eyes, a full broad chest, and those build muscles, Oh my God, just don't talk about it.

Vic immediately noted my reaction, and have a big sigh. "girl, are you for real? Because all you have to say is, I like you, Edward" I never had a chance to answer her as she suddenly spoke again, "Oh My God, he's coming in our direction" the moment, he was in front of us he said, " Hey Girls! what's up?

Vic sighed as soon as he noticed my reaction. "girl, are you serious? Because all you have to say is, I like you, Edward" I never had a chance to respond as she abruptly spoke again, "Oh My God, he's coming in our direction" the moment he was in front of us, he said, "Hey Girls! what's up?

He shook Vic's hand, hugged me tightly, and we began talking when some girls approached and began clinging to Edward, saying, "We will miss you, Edward." And rolled my eyes at their clumsy performance.

"See you again, my parents are waiting for me," Edward said, feeling awkward. With that, he excused himself from those strange type girls and kissed my forehead gently, saying, "goodbye, and yeah, don't forget that it's my birthday next month and you have to come," and then he left.

When Edward kissed my brow, all the girls were staring at me with daggers in their eyes, and I ignored them as I had done the previous days.

"Let's go have a party, babe!" Vic said, both hands joyfully waving in the air. "All right, girl, let's go and  have a party!" I said, throwing myself on her in a dancing motion

Reaching home, I went to my closet and chose a small black dress with a backless neckline that ended at my mid-thighs for the party tonight.

I wore my high heels and applied dark makeup with blood-red lipstick for the first time, and I looked great in this dress. 'Wow, Jennifer, makeup looks great on you; why don't you start using it on your face right away?'

When Vic was ready, she came out of her room and looked at me; I could tell she was in shock just by looking at my face. After regaining her senses, she said, "I'm going to sue you for being so beautiful."

We were just staring at each other at first because of her compliment, but after a while, we both burst out laughing.

And when we were done laughing, I called uber, and after a short wait, the car arrived, and we both left for our destination.

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