What I Want Is...

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                    CHAPTER SIX

He threw some paper towards me, on my face, and told me to sign them. I was wondering what are these papers about, what to do with me, and why I have to sign them.

I asked, "what's written in these papers and why I have to sign them?"

"Just take your time babe, and read them on your own," he said and went out of the room but this time he didn't lock the door.

I picked up the papers from the floor and for some reason, I had the feeling my fate was literally typed out for me on these sheets of paper.

Instead of torturing myself by thinking about what could be typed out, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before looking at the papers.



I ___________ solemnly swear to agree with All the terms (to be referenced below) on this contract or otherwise face the consequences.


The code of honor that places importance on silence, non-corporation with authorities, and non-interference in the illegal actions of other parties.

This marriage means nothing but a show off to the world and remained for whole one year, during this one year you are not allowed to tell anyone about this contract otherwise you have to pay 10 million dollars as a punishment.

You are not allowed to interfere in the other party's personal matters.

You are not allowed to be in a relationship in this one year of a contract marriage and if you are found to be in a relationship you have to pay 5 million dollars as a punishment.

Do not take drugs or become highly intoxicated by alcohol, you could accidentally expose this contract.

You are nothing but a stranger in the walls of a house and have nothing to do with others' business.

As I continued to read the contract I felt more and more sickened by the minute. What is this world where people like his lived in?

The next few rules were pretty much the same as the beginning, just in a lot more detail and a few added extras that weren't as bad as the previous rules.

Although, when I got to the end of the contract was when I really felt trapped...

In the period of the contract, you Belong to other parties. In short, you are his property for a whole one year and can't do anything without his permission, you have to obey all orders without any questions.

If the rules are broken, depending on which rule, you will be delivered with a punishment which includes paying with money just in case if you don't have the exact amount then you have to pay with your body. The most severe of which is death.

(This is to be carried out if you do not sign the contract and/or attempt to flee)



My stomach turned.

I felt tears stream down my face. What the fuck! I screamed internally, the paper shaking due to the lack of stability in my hands.

I'll never sign this god damn contract. This is my life not his, I don't have anything to do with him. I don't know why he's doing all this to me, what have I ever done something wrong with him. In fact, I don't even know who he is.

And if I wasn't trapped enough before, I certainly was now.

I wiped my face, got out of the room but when I stepped out I was shocked this wasn't just some ordinary house, it was a penthouse I wondered how rich is he?

I was searching for him when a maid came a said, "Miss, do you want something?"

"Where's that son of bitch?" I asked and was frustrated.

She got horrified and seemed panicked but said, "Do... by any chance do you mean master William?"

"Ohh, so that's his name WILLIAM." But suddenly reality hit me and I became numb no no no plz God don't tell me he's William Vernanda the famous playboy and top succeeded person at this young age, CEO of almost all big companies in this country, some out of the country. I was wondering when a sharp and angry voice came from the room behind me.

"WTF, Laila where's my damn coffee?"

I tried to enter the room at his voice but Laila holds my hand and stopped me from entering, "Nobody is allowed to go in this room except Master."

"Ohh okay, then you made me do that, WILLIAM... WILLIAM... GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OUT OF THE ROOM." I was screaming his name like a mad person.

William came out of the room, looking shocked at my use of language but that was the least of my problems right now.

"What... what is this messed up shit?" I shouted.

He turned his face towards dumbfounded Laila, she nodded and left the two of us alone. He grabbed me from my arm roughly, dragged me inside his maybe study room then threw me on a couch.

He watched me for a moment and I saw his jaw clench before he spoke.

"Now, now... what am I going to do with you because of your misbehave?" he spoke confidently, with a hint of venom and amusement."

He asked a rhetorical question he already knew the answer to...

And I didn't want to find the answer so said," What's the damn meaning of this contract? What have I ever done wrong with you?"

He looked me up and down once I'd stood up from the couch before looking me straight in my eyes. His dark eyes looked terrifying and I quickly averted my eyes and looked at the walls behind him.

I heard him almost growl after a few seconds before he grabbed my chin roughly with his large hand and forced me to look at him, I whimpered in fear.

"Why am I doing this to you? Don't you already know the freaking answer bitch, you made me do it. You have made me a joke in front of this whole world, in my own company and asking what's wrong with me?"

Then suddenly realization hit me I understood everything, I understood why he's being like this to me all this time.

"Only for one slap and here you're already willing to make my life a living hell?" I said as the realization hit me.

"It's not just one slap, Jennifer it's not but... whatever just already sign these papers," he said as he threw the contract on my face.

"What? No... Never" I said in one breath.

He chuckled as if he were amused at what I'd just said and spun around leaning against the table.

"Take her in," he said calmly and two men came with... What is I'm seeing correctly?

They came while dragging her forcibly with them...

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