What Is He Doing Here?

English is my second language, so please ignore if you find grammar or other mistakes. THANKS!

                       CHAPTER TEN

Once we reached the door, the guard which stood at the entrance opened the door for us. Once it opened Edward strolled in as if he owned the place, which he could probably have done and I follow him not before giving the security man a brief smile.

He smiled back and then closed the door behind us once we had entered the hotel.

The inside was just as nice as the outside, there was a huge hallway with paintings and statues and had a long red carpet leading down it.There was nobody in this area so I assumed that they would be where the faint violin was playing.

"Come." Edward gestured for me to follow him and I quickly complied, hurriedly walking with him while trying hard not to fall in these heels.

Edward turned

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