Round and Round We Go

It had been almost three weeks since I had gone out with Kendra. Even though that Friday had not been fun, I still kept the date on Saturday with the guy that I had met using the app. I did not think that it was a bad date. We went and had dinner, laughed, and got to know each other. Then I never heard from him again. Kendra told me this was called ghosting.

Since then I had been on a few more dates, some were alright, and others were downright atrocious. I was just coming home from one of the atrocious dates. Kendra was on the front porch when I walked up.

“Hey so how was your night?” She asked me, taking a drag of her cigarette.

“Well considering I left here less than an hour ago, I would say it did not go great at all.” I tell her fully exasperated by the experience.

“Tell me what happened.” Kendra pats the step beside her, and

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