To Be or Not To Be

“Mom I need you to sign this form, we are taking a field trip.” My eldest son was holding a paper out for me to sign, as I am in the kitchen stirring noodles for dinner.

“Alright just set it on the table, I will sign it after I finish up dinner. What are the other kids doing?” I ask Levi.

“Savannah is reading a book, and Jacob is currently playing a game upstairs.” Levi said with a sigh.

“What is wrong kiddo? You seem down.” I ask him out of curiosity.

“I am not down, just bored. Shawn is at a birthday party, and Kenny is at his dads house.” Shawn and Kenny are Levi’s best friends and they can usually be found hanging out together during the day. My son goes quiet for a moment before he gets a little nervous. “Mom, um are we going to have to go to Dad’s house, like Kenny does?”

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