One Two Step

Jax and I continued texting through out the week. I enjoyed getting to know him. He had a different kind of humor, a cocky attitude but he was sweet towards me. I liked that he seemed to be a caring father. He proudly took pictures and showed me the nail polish his daughter had painted on his fingernails. We talked about easy and cheap dinner ideas, and how difficult it was to learn the new methods of math that they are teaching the kids in school. I liked having another adult to talk to about the kids.

I believe that we truly bonded over talking about laundry, and household chores. He was dedicated to his kids, and I found that very appealing. We talked about our dreams of a real family, and even though his views were a bit more chauvinistic than mine we still agreed on a ton of things. I liked being able to honestly tell someone how I thought I was failing as a mother, and them understanding exactly what I was feeling and going through. T

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