Short Sighted

I watched Jax order a drink from the bar and head towards the tables. He pulled his phone out and a few moments later I felt my phone vibrate, it was a text from him letting me know that he was here. I felt like a stalker watching him, but I was scared to walk over. Silently I was cursing myself for my choice in shoes. I felt like I had real chemistry with Jax, but I never anticipated him being this short. Tossing back what was left in my drink, I put the glass down and saunter over to Jax.

“Hi, I am Noel.” I introduce myself before I lose the fake courage, I have going on right now. Jax looks up at me and his eyes are a piercing blue. He is very handsome in a rugged way, and even through he is shorter than me I feel the faint traces of arousal spark within my body. At the same time, I am worried he is going to look at me and just see a giant woman and leave.

“Wow you are more beautiful in person t

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