Over the Cliff

I am not exactly sure when we decided to go to Jax’s house. I was not really thinking once we got into the cab. The world had disappeared and only Jax and I existed in our lust filled daze. For a brief second, I wondered how smart it was that I was headed to a house where I had never been, and no one knew where I was going. The thought disappeared as Jax kissed me hard, massaging the back of my neck. I was lost in the passionate embrace he enveloped around us. Somewhere I am sure that there was a part of my brain that was still rational and probably yelling at me to stop.

It did not take long to get to Jax’s house. It was a cute little yellow house on the top of a hill. I did not admire it too long because Jax was grabbing my hand leading me into the house. Once inside I noted that the house was much smaller than it appeared on the outside. To my surprise Jax’s kids were not only home, but they were all still up. My face i

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