3. Ginger

Richard walked towards me with a sweet smile plastered all over his face. His dark suit, held his body nicely, and I may not have seen the expense tag but I know it's cost enough to buy half of my little shop.

"Good morning" I grinned.

"Morning Miss Corano" he grinned.

"Call me Mabel" I ogled him and he chuckled before taking a stool in front of me.

"Your shop is rather furnished with modern stuffs" he said and I giggled.

"I'm modern, thank you" I brought him some cupcakes and he smiled before taking it.

"So how's your Daniella?" I asked him and he shrugged. After yesterday, he got my contact from the news and texted me. We talked a bit. Danielle is his daughter and her mom died of leukemia.

"She's doing good except she keeps missing her mom" he gurgled, placing his hand on the counter and next to mine. "I came here to ask you a favour Mabel"

I smiled and nodded for him to go on.

"Daniella's babysitter Rose took Ill and there's no one to watch her tonight. I'm going out for a meeting"

"So you want me to help? But we just met.. I mean not now... but obviously not long enough to trust me". I huff.

"I trust you" he smiled. "So can you watch her?"

I couldn't refuse. He was asking me kindly and he was a new friend plus I could do anything for a little five years old.

"I'll do it"

He smiled wildly. "I knew I could count on you. Thanks"

I smiled and he placed a card on the table "By five."


"I hope your boyfriend won't mind?" He asked before tuning to go and I stared in shock. His did he know I have a boyfriend.

"How do you know I have a boyfriend?" I asked and he grinned.

"It isn't hard to tell. You're too pretty to be single" he said and walked out of the shop leaving me with wide eyes. There's no way he could've known, and I'm pretty sure Christian told him anyway.

I knew he would have said something about our conversation yesterday and mentioned Garry.


I closed work early today because of my new  babysitting job. I told Judy about it and then... Garry.

"Why you?" He asked and I shrugged.

"I don't know, but I want to help. He's a new friend"

He sighed. "I don't really like the idea"

"I'll be fine Garry"

"Its not about you. Its about the guy Richard"

"He'll be out and I already agreed. You can come too"

He hook his head. "I'm cool. I'll just see you when you get back and promise this won't keep going on".

   "I promise" I kissed him on his nose and retreated to dressing up. Richard sent me his address and it was easy to find plus Garry lent me his car. My eyes widened at all the big building in his area. Billonaire's live here. I found Richards home and the gate automatically opened. Wow. Inside was a big mansion.

I was directed to where I'm to park. A maid ushered me into the house and I spotted Richard on the couch sipping from a mug of steamy hot coffee.

   "Mabel! I'm glad you're here"

He came towards me and gave me a slight hug. "I'm leaving now so Daniella's up in her room. Remember, no much chocolate or sugar please"

I nodded, happy to babysit Daniella. I couldn't even wait to meet her.

  "Please make sure she's in bed by nine latest"


He turned to go but stopped. "By the way you look nice in that dress" I stare down at the flowery, oink maxi dress I was wearing.

I blushed at him, before he left after grabbing his keys. I sighed and looked round. Now I just need to find Daniella's room in this mansion. I hope I don't get lost.

I took the stairs and was met with two ways. I stopped one of the maids and asked for direction. She led me to Daniella's room and it looked like the whole of my sitting room and kitchen together. She had a place for her toys, separate. The room was coloured pink and purple. I found a blondy sitting on her bed with a doll in hand. She was staring out the window.

    "Hey there" I chimed and her little blonde head faced me. She wasn't smiling or angry. Her face held no emotions. Just a look of who is she now? Or who did daddy set me up with now?.

   "Mama?" She suddenly said and my heart ached, disbanding all thoughts I had.

My heart cried out for the little child.       

   "No. Marcy" I said.

She faced the window again. It seemed she didn't know her mom very well it she was day dreaming.

I went to sit next to her. "You know I didn't know your mom but I bet she was pretty just like you" I said and the girl's face finally lit up.

"Why are you here?" She asked. She was sharp though.

"I'm here to babysit you. Call me Marcy"

She smiled and stretched her tiny hand out. I took it.

"Hello Marcy" she noted with a playful twitch of her nose, and I just knew we were going to have a lovely time together.


Ella showed me her play room and around bedroom. It was fun seeing all her collections of many things. We went down stairs and had milk and biscuit.

"Bake me a cupcake Marcy. My daddy said you're good at that" the little blonde said and I smiled. I would bake her a cake gladly. We set out to bring out all the ingredients. The intercom went off and someone came in. Ella ran to hug the person, I didn't turn. But when she called the stranger, my heart dropped.

"Uncle Vance"

I turned slowly to meet the steady gaze of Christian. Why did she call this weird guy uncle and why is he being so nice to the kid. I thought he was heartless.

"Hey little angel" he said poking her tummy and Ella giggled. "Where's ya Dada?"

"Out! But meet Marcy. She's sitting me"

I froze. Christian turned his attention to me again and a little smile played on his lips. This was going to be fun.

"Hi" I said simply.

He was still holding Ella as he strode towards me. "She's your sitter?" He asked Ella in a sarcastic tone.


"Nice to meet you Marcy" he said to me, not so innocent. I smiled faintly and returned to the kitchen. I started mixing the ingredients when I heard the least voice I wanted to hear right now.

"Does your boyfriend know about this?"

I didn't turn around. "Yes"

His footsteps came closer and soon he was by my side. His great presence not a bit intimidating me anymore.

"I see"

I ignored his comment and started putting the flour in cups.

"Do you do this anywhere you go?"

I sighed and shook my head. "Only where I'm asked too"

"So you can bake at my house?"

"I would never" I stated with a roll of my eyes.

"I never asked" he said coldly. Shit! He was good at snapping with the right words.

He strolled to the big fridge and pulled out orange juice. "Some?"

"No thanks" I shifted the cups to the oven and turned it on. Now I had to wait for annoying twenty minutes. I tapped my nail on the counter restlessly.

His hands gripped my tapping hand and I looked at him.

"You're being too noisy"

He walked out of the kitchen with the juice in hand and I wanted to yell. No you're the annoying one and I'm going to slap that smirk off your face soon.


I went to the oven and pulled out the seven cupcakes I made. I smiled at my creation and arranged them in a tray before taking them out. Christian was holding Ella on his lap and watching a cartoon.

"Cupcake, Ella! " I chanted.

She clapped her hands and came to me. I placed her on my legs but she came down.

"Allow me" Christian said with a smirk, he placed Ella on his legs and she agreed. Whatever, I guess we're not that close yet. I feed her quietly hating to be sitting near Christian. I don't even know why I hate the man so much. He laid my hospital bills...yeah, after hitting you with the bottom of his expensive car. My inner girl said.

"Won't you feed me too?" Christian asked with a little pout on his face and I snared.

"The tray's right here"

He looked at me and chuckled. Why was he so annoying. My phone beeped and he grabbed the phone from the couch.

"Your boyfriend is really worried about you. Such a dick" he said and I covered Ella's ears from his cussing. He laughed.

"Why'd you do that?" He asked.

"She could've heard that"

"I'm sure she's heard worse. Richard is no saint alright?"

I removed my hand from Ella's ears and turned to Christian.

"Garry cares about me"

"What? Your dog?" He sassed.

"No! Garry is my boyfriend" why was I even explaining things to this asshole.

"Such a stupid name. Right Ella?"

The little girl just smiled enjoying her cakes. I shook my head in annoyance.

He smiled at Ella's innocent agreement. The phone rinf again and Christian picked it. Shit!

"Hello?" He raved  and I tried to get the phone from him. I dropped from his legs, to the floor and tried getting my phone again but landed on him.

"You smell sweet" Christian hummed and for a moment I was going to smile, because he complimented me, but then I heard Garry's voice.


Shit he was still on the line.

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