Chapter 2 : Who's that guy?

On my way home,i saw Dylan.He was wandering in the woods,and kind of sniffing trees..He's weird..But i don't want to be too friendly with him after that humiliation.I continued my way but heard steps following me.

"Uh..who is it.."

I felt a hard grip around my wrist,i turned around..and it was Dylan.

"Ouchh..what..are you mad?"

His face had no expression,he continued to hold my wrist tightly,slammed me into a wall and looked straight in my eyes.

I can smell his cologne as he gets closer,he looked at me like he's going to kill me.

"Stay away from me,i don't want to hurt you" he said with a greedy voice.

"What the hell,you're the one following me and harassing me..let me go.."

He bit my lips with anger,and smelled my neck like a greedy beast..What the hell is wrong with this boy..

I don't want to have any kind of relationship with him..i pushed him with all my strength ..and slapped him hard..i noticed his eyes becoming red..and he's groaning like an animal..i was terrified,and ran away..I was thinking about going to talk about that to my mum as i'm very afraid now..

I had to wear a cardigan to hide my swollen wrist.I was afraid to talk about what happened so i stayed silent the whole night.I had my dinner,completed my homework and went to my bedroom .I made a nightmare that night where i saw Dylan torturing me.I suddenly woke up in pain and walked at the window.Thinking about this weird boy.What does he want from me...I'm not the kind of woman who would want to hook up with an excessively masculine ‘boy’ who is overly flirtatious with every pretty face that crosses his path. If this ever happen i'd have to be on my guard all the time lest a prettier face or a hotter body whisks away my man from under my nose haha..What’s the point of being in such an insecure relationship anyway?I'm so silly..talking to myself about someone who nearly hurt me..

For the couple of weeks i avoided him as much as possible at school.And for the couple of weeks i still have the same nightmare,that scares me more.

Everytime he sees me he's always staring at me like i'm a thief..

Ohh weekend!I love weekends as i can relax ..and study quietly..

I'm helping mom cleaning the dishes.She has a day off today and she wanted to spend some time with her adorable daughter..haha..

"There'll be a kind of party at school to celebrate it's 50 years of existence..Well it'll be in two weeks and i have to get a dress and heels and those stuffs know .." i said in a lazy voice.

"Oh,my baby's first party"

"Mom i'm not a baby,i'm a grown up ..i'm a woman"

"Oh you'll always be be my baby..shameless daughter haha"she punched me gently on my cheeks.

"Oh mom stop..."

"Promise me that you'll attend that party,and that you'll rock..and also that you'll kick the ass of that bitch sara..i mean not really kicking her ass..but showing her that you are the most gorgeous girl at that are so beautiful my darling,stop wasting your young years with those clothes,glasses and..look at yourself baby,you're such a gorgeous sexy bomb,but you're hiding all that beauty..Don't get me wrong baby,i'm your mother..i know what i'm..."

"Stop.Please mom, can't judge me as you're never here when i ..pfffft..forget it,i don't want us to argue..i..i'm going to my room.."

She held my hand,and looked at me with a sad expression.

"I'm sorry..i didn't mean to hurt you or judge you know that it's not easy for me ..i have to work..i have to do overtime..i have to pay your school fees,i have to buy food,i have to pay the bills,you know that it's very hard for a single mom to handle all this.. "

I can see the pain in her eyes .I know that she's trying hard to hold her tears.I felt guilty for what i just said,and i hugged her tightly.

I don't like to party but i have to ,as i've made a promise to mom.So from now on,i'll have to start pampering myself.

In the afternoon,i went to have a walk nearby,near a kintergarten..The children played with their parents.I smiled when i saw them laughing and running around..I thought about my mom..

Suddenly i felt a warm breath in my left ear..


I nearly had a heart attack.

"Oh sh..Dylan Cole..what the away or i'll scream.."

"Relax..i can make you scream another way Haddie..(he winked at me)Haddie?That's your name right?"

"Hayley.My name's Hayley..Anyway..are you following me ir what?That's harassment..And you don't even know my name!What do you want from you want to humiliate me like last time?!"

"I'm sorry..we got off to a bad start.."

"And for the day you threatened me?"

"Well that was a bad start as well..i said i'm sorry,do you want me to kneel before you or what..i just want us to be friends"

"A bad guy being a nerdy's friend?well that happens only in movies..all those guys want is to have sex..that's all.."

"Don't judge a book by its cover.."

I didn't say anything,and looked away.He shaked some keys in front of my face.So what now?What's wrong with this guy?Can't he understand that i don't want anything from him?He's the kind of guy who thinks that he can have everything he wants whenever he wants.

"Wanna have a ride?"

"A ride?Can't you see that i'm not interested "

"I said a ride,not having sex.If you don't want to ,that's okay..and ..i'm not that bad as you can see.."

I thought about what mom said.The fact that i'm wasting my young years.It's just a ride afterall.Nothing wrong can happen to me.I'll activate my gps in case there's something fishy...Well i'll go for a ride with him then i'll go home.I shook my head as a yes,with no expression on my face.He smiled,he's like an angel when he smiles revealing his dimples and his sparkling eyes.I followed him and we got on his heavy motorcycle,wearing helmets.

I held him tight as he's driving very fast,and from time to time i checked in his mirror ,and he smiled ...

He's so unpredictable..

Where the hell are we going now...

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