Chapter 4 : Is he really a bad guy?

I tried so hard to push him away ,but he's too strong .I accidentally stepped in his feet and fell.. into his arms.Oohh silly me! It's as if i'm trying to give myself to him on a silver platter! How can a boy like Dylan fall for a girl like me!? We're just too different after all..He has all the girls at his feet..except me of course..he hangs out with the popular guys at school,he's one bad boy owning a magnificent motorcycle,he's mysterious,bold,hot..and i'm just..the crazy nerdy with her big spectacle,messy hair and braces like fencing! All the boys at school think i'm dumb..why would he think differently?

I raised my hands,slowly..and tried to slap him but in vain! He suddenly blocked my attack and had a hard grip on my hand.He laughed out loud. This bastard is again making fun of me! Am i a clown?!?

"Hahaha..hey stop it! What do you think you'll do,with those thin little hands!They seem so fragile,did you eat recently?They look like a loaf of bread hahaha! I'm sure i can easily break them into two!"

"Shut up idiot! Don't compare me to bread.."

"Relax..relax ..i'm not going to fight with you okay,we just bury the hatchet,right?"

We were so closed that i can feel his warm fresh breath on my cheeks as he speaks to me.He knew i was angry,and this made him happy,i saw his nasty smile.This guy decidedly likes to tease me!

"Do you think i'm a clown,huh? Do you think that you can bring me here and insult me,make fun of me like this?Well i knew it was a mistake following you that place! I shouldn't have trusted you!Bring me back home!"

He didn't seem to be surprised.He stood there as if nothing happened,as if there was a cool breeze passing by,like he didn't hear a single word i just said.He laughed.Again.Please hold me back,or else i'm going to kill him!

He clapped his hands in satisfaction.Well done Hayley,your performance was amazing!You should apply for a post at the circus!You're a real Clown Hayley Dean!

"You know what..i really want to punch you in the mouth..", he said.

Oh wait?I'm the one who should do this to him because he deseves it !I looked at him with a fierce look.My blood was boiling with anger inside.Get him out of my sight anyone!!

"..with my own mouth..softly.."he continued.He didn't even give me time to speak than he suddenly wrapped his lips against mine..

His lips mashed against mine as if trying to flatten and destroy my mouth,then he hungrily pushed back, his mouth open, tongue pushing past my clenched teeth to the moist space within.With my eyes clenched shut, his warm breath felt like a summer breeze on my cheeks.I couldn't stop him.Even if i could,i wouldn't,because deep down inside of me,i knew it would happen.I don't know how or why..but i feel like connected to him at this very moment..

The kissing intensified with scintillating touches...he plunged his tongue deeper and deeper savoring the taste of my mouth,moaning quietly from time to time as he's enjoying the taste of my juicy lips.He worked his mouth against mine, our tongues battling back and forth like wrestlers, each trying to pin the other.He gripped my head firmly,as if to keep me from his arms around my waist,holding me tightly...and his left hand wandering and grabbed my butt.How nasty! Nobody ever did this to me before! Nobody ever kissed me like this before! I opened my eyes to see if what i'm living now is real.Suddenly,i saw that Dylan's were red,he was like a greedy beast enjoying his prey..!

I was horrified and i stepped back! I don't believe this is real! It must be that same nightmare i had everyday,but now it's a bit different! This can't be real!

Dylan bit my lips,he's such an aggressive lip-biter, he bites down HARD on my lower lip,,it hurts so good ,then i noticed his eyes changing to its original colour..He stepped back and stared at me,crossing his arms.He had that nasty smile he always have. I was so terrified that my throat went dry and i couldn't speak.He came a bit closer,but i stepped back again.He knew i was he took the initiative to talk.

"You're surprised huh?..Now won't you apologise to me?"

"Wh..what.?For what?"

"For being rude.."he said with a nasty smile.He's got a damn nerve!

I stayed silent..i was still shocked.

"So..? Do you want me to do it again? I love to see how terrified you are..i can honestly say that it excites me..haha.." he bit his lips in such a sexy way that almost made me melt.

I steeped back,trying to go away.He caught me and hugged my waist.We stood there in the dark, without saying a word. The sea was buzzing with its dormant strength,the waves were crawling gently to the shore behind us..

"I have a lot of ...stuffs ..that i really want to tell you about me..but ..i think it's too early..well,let's go,i'll take you back to your house now,it's getting really late,and i don't want you to have any troubles" he looked at me,caressing my cheeks softly..i shook my head,we got on the motorcycle,and drove home.

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