Chapter 6 : Wakefullness

I'm going in circles in my bed and it's almost midnight .The clock which is hanged on the wall is ticking slowly.I'm home alone and mom has a long shift at work.I'm still day-dreaming about Dylan Cole..And also still fantasizing about his delicious juicy lips,his good kissing skills and his flirtatious smile.I'm sure that he has a lot of girls at his feet,starting with that shrew Sara Risings! Of course i'm not jealous..but he's too handsome,how can girl resist to that beauty.If perfection was a person,it would certainly be him.He's so classy in his leather jacket and..ohhh..his leather jacket!

He put it on my shoulders before we drove home!Damn! He forgot it! Well i'll wash it and give it to him this Monday at school..

My mind is too confused that's why i'm not being able to sleep. I jumped out of bed and put on my slippers,took Dylan's jacket and sniffed it.It's as if i'm looking for his aphrodisiac frangrance.I inhaled hard..his cologne's fragrance makes me estatic..I

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