Chapter 8 : Speak of the devil

"Well well well..Dear Miss Hally Drone!What a coincidence finding you here!"

Hally Drone? Who the hell is he talking about? Did he dared mispell my name?Grrrr..i hate it when people mispell my name.I clenched my fist,rolled my eyes at him,then crossed my arms,exhale slowly while sulking..

He grinned ,his chin down,he crossed his arms and laughed .He found it funny! Of course,he always find that stuffs that upset me are funny! Everyone around stared at us.Maybe they're thinking that we're a couple and we just fought.

He pinched my chin and smiled at me .Oh my God ,what a sexy smirk!

"You're such a witty girl you know! Hey don't get upset! Not here! Not now! Didn't you hear about the Priest's sermon lately? didn't listen to a single word he was saying..?!" He winked at me."You need to get rid of these negative thoughts ..inhale positivity..uuuhmmm..exhale negativity...hhhaaaah..." he tapped on my shoulder .

I rolled my eyes at him becau

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