Chapter 9 : He got guts

I kind of have a knot in my gut.I suddenly lost all sense of hope..also i wasn't hoping or wishing that there'll be "something" between us..Does that mean that he has a girl?Or does that mean that he has some side chicks everywhere,and that he's trying to include me in it..?Or maybe he's just cheating on an innocent girl who trusted him,who gave him all her time,love and affection..I just hope that he's not cheating on anyone behind their backs..because it hurts so much..i know what i'm talking about..But if it is not the case then i hope that he's not flirting with everything that moves,just because he's sexy,handsome and..a bad guy.

Jealous?Huh! Who's talking about jealousy,of course i'm not jealous at all..but i still don't know why i felt as if the sky is about to crash on me.I knew i should'nt have fell for him..

These guys just come and go; they always come messing up ,enjoy with you,with your feelings and body,and as soon as they're satisfied they just drop you in

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