Chapter 125

Hayley thought about Dylan, and about the way she ignored him. She loved him...even adored him...but she didn't know how or why she was reacting like this. She was playing hard to get, but deep down she wanted him to touch her, to kiss her...

She practically chased him out of her house, and she wondered if he would really come back, despite everything she had just done.

She got up, wiped her eyes with her fingers, and then headed for the kitchen.

She was alone in the house because her mother had already left for work.

She tossed her bag on the dining table, then opened the cupboard on top of the lever. That was where the alcoholic drinks were kept. Her mother didn't drink, but she used them when there were guests in the house.

Hayley looked at the bottles one by one, and then finally chose a bottle of very strong whiskey. She opened it and smelled . She moved away from the bottle, so strong was the smell of alcohol.

"Buurk... how do they swallow this? I
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