Chapter 126

The next morning when Hayley woke up, she had one of her headaches. It was like the time she got drunk at Dylan's birthday party.

"Ouchhh... my head hurts so bad ...."

"Good morning sleeping beauty. So, how's that hangover?" 

Hayley felt this scene was like deja vu.

Dylan opened the door , holding a large cup of coffee and a croissant, which he served to Hayley.

She squinted her eyes upon seeing him.

"Dylan? Did you stay with me all night? " ,she asked.

"Well, sweetheart... You were a mess, I wasn't going to leave you here alone. "

"It was your fault anyway!" Hayley said with a sulk.

"Hayley please don't tell me that. Come on, drink your coffee, if you can't eat the croissant it's okay, but at least drink the coffee. You'll feel much better afterwards. Then you go take a nice shower, lie down a little longer, and I'll pick you up this afternoon. "

"What do you mean? Where are we going this afternoon?"      Hayley
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