Chapter 127

Dylan picked Hayley up around noon.

She looked so naughty in her short white dress. She did a big bun, put on black eyeliner, and pink gloss. She accompanied this pretty dress with a white wedge shoe.

Dylan wore a black bomber with white 'Cole' written on the back, a plain black T-shirt, white ripped skinny jeans and white sneakers. He had an attractive smile on his face, revealing his dimples.

"My girlfriend is gorgeous. "Dylan said admiringly, opening the door for her like a gentleman. He was about to kiss her on the lips, but she stopped him.

"No, because you'll take off all my lip gloss. "

"Just a little kiss! Please! I'm dying for it. I'll die if I don't get it! "

"Haha! Dylan Cole, you blackmailer! "

"No, I'd rather say, lover! "

"Don't bother trying to coax me, it's a no-go!"

"All right. Then let's make a deal. If you guess where I'm taking you, I promise I won't touch you. But if you lose, then you'll pay for all your insolence wi
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