Chapter 2


I was getting ready for breakfast after my morning run, I took a quick shower and grabbed a pair of black dress pants and a white shirt. I really love my morning runs because they make me feel more like myself, I am always calm when I am close to nature. I quickly wore the clothes and blow-dried my hair and gelling them to keep them in place. I don't like it when my hair fall in my eyes so I make sure to gel them every day, I grabbed my golden watch, wallet and phone. Mom makes sure that everything is ready for me, she has been doing it since I was a kid, I love my mom a lot but I wanted it to be my mate doing things for me.

I sighed at the thought, I have lost hope on finding my mate a long time ago, I have been waiting for her, I wanted all my firsts to be with her, and after looking for her for two years and still not finding her, I have lost all my hope. My wolf Vince, however, still feels we have a mate, he would growl at me whenever I thought I don't have a mate. Everyone in my pack has been getting ready to go to our neighbouring pack, the Dark Moon Pack, it's my best friend Fabian's pack. He is going to take over his pack as the Alpha today, I was really happy for him, but I couldn't, unfortunately, attend his ceremony as I have a meeting with Elders and council members.

I don't know what is it that they want to talk about this time, I requested for the meeting to be postponed to a different date, but they said it was extremely important to have this meeting now. I walked out of my room making my way to the ground floor, mom has made it a rule that we have breakfast with the pack members and lunch and dinner with family at our private residence. Most of the times, I have to skip lunch because I am usually busy with work, but dinners with family are a must.

As I walked down the stairs, I see a few she-wolves looking at me with flirty smiles which made me roll my eyes. I might have lost hope on finding my mate, but a small part of my heart still likes to believe we might meet our mate one day, and I definitely didn't want to be hated by my mate because I was whoring around. I sighed shaking my head as I walked inside the dining room, pack members greeted and bowed in front of me with a smile on their faces.

"Good morning mom" I wished my beautiful mother giving her a kiss on her cheek as she smiled gently at me

"Good morning Vin" she greeted cheerfully, she was happy about Fab's Alpha ceremony, he was like a second son to her

"Good morning Li" I greeted my younger sister who sat beside mom

"Good morning big brother" she greeted back in a loud cheerful voice making me wince

"What's with your excitement?" I asked and she just shrugged in response

"I don't know, my wolf seems to be very excited today, and it is making me excited and peachy" she replied with a sheepish smile

"Just don't do anything weird in excitement" I said and she rolled her eyes in response

"Yeah, whatever" she replied

"You didn't greet me Vincent" I heard another loud voice and Li rolled her eyes cursing under her breath

"You are his friend, not girlfriend" Li commented glaring at my childhood friend Veronica

"And how do you know that?" Veronica challenged

"Because she is my sister, and we are friends since we were kids, nothing less, nothing more" I said dismissively, she seemed to be getting extremely clingy for a few days, and it was annoying my wolf a lot

"Oh come on Vincent, I was just saying, besides, we can be a lot more than friends any time you want" she said winking at me, and I glared at her, I didn't want to be rude, but she was getting on my nerves

"Veronica, you are my son's friend and our Beta's daughter, I really respect that fact, but your jokes are becoming too much now. Please don't make me take this to your father" as if sensing my anger mom said sternly looking at Veronica

"I am sorry Queen mother" she replied bowing her head

"Next time I hear any of this, I will be forced to take strict actions, remember you are not my son's mate" mom warned and she nodded her head walking out of the dining room

"Thanks mom, I didn't want to be rude" I replied gratefully, I could see a few pack members looking at us, but it didn't matter, they were family, so they knew everything about us

"I know, don't worry, I am still going to have a nice chat with our former Beta" she replied and I smiled at her, I know she would stop at nothing when it comes to us

"Finish your breakfast, and try to attend the ceremony if you are able to finish the ceremony on time" mom replied as she served me breakfast

"I will mom" I replied with a smile, I enjoyed the breakfast, I could tell mom made it just with its smell, she made us breakfast every day, we have been so used to her breakfast that we can barely eat anything if she didn't cook it

We silently ate our breakfast, pack members went back to their regular conversations after talking a little about how shameless the Beta's daughter has become. I sighed, I think mom talking to the Beta would be the right thing to do, once I was done I said my goodbye's to mom and Li walking out of the packhouse. I could see my Beta Elvin waiting for me sitting in the driver's seat, I walked to the passenger seat getting in and putting my seatbelt on.

"Good Morning" Elvin greeted with a smile

"Morning" I replied with a sigh

"Did they slip on what they want to talk about?" I asked looking at him

"They have kept their mouths sealed shut, I have tried to use different ways to get them to speak, but it seems like they don't want to open their mouth's till you are there" he replied and I nodded my head

"I think I might have a little bit of an idea of what this might be about" he mumbled pulling the car in drive and I looked at him in anticipation

"What is it?" I asked curiously

"I am not sure, I am just assuming" he quickly added

"Tell me" I demanded and he sighed

"I think it has something to do with you finding your mate" he replied

"Why would they want to call for an important meeting to talk about my mate?" I asked shaking my head, I don't think the council have so much of time to think about my mate

"You very well know why Vin" he groaned

"Remind me to not become best friend's with my Beta next time" I said and he chuckled shaking his head

"It's because you know I am right" he said looking at me with a smirk

"Eyes on the road" I ordered

"Yes Sir" he answered with a laugh making me glare at him

"You are not getting any younger Vin, you are twenty-one and without a mate. I think that is the only logical understanding" he said confidently making me sigh in defeat

"I think we are going to find out about that soon anyways" I replied and he nodded his head in agreement

"Let me know when we arrive" I mumbled turning on the radio as I closed my eyes to prepare myself for whatever the council wanted to throw at me

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