Chapter 3


Two days had passed in a blur, I was busy making sure everything for my brother's ceremony was perfect. I love my brother with all my heart, and I only want the best for him, I have had the entire pack help me with the preparations. It was my first time putting an event together, and I was very stressed and nervous about it, I didn't know if I was doing everything right. My mom was never there to teach me, I shook my head as I pushed the sad thoughts away, I know she is in a better place, and I am sure she wouldn't want me to be upset on Fabian's special day.

I just prayed and wished I didn't mess anything up, it would embarrass me father, and it would kill me if he were to get embarrassed because of me. I sighed as I looked around once again to make sure if everything was set up properly, I had decided that we could do the ceremony in the back yard connecting to the training arena. It had more space and the fact that we have invited so many people for ceremony, I didn't want them to be all clamped up. Besides, we would be going on a run as soon as the ceremony was over, it was one of the important traditions of our pack. It would only make sense to have the wolves shift here and make a run for the woods.

I looked around surveying everything, I checked the buffet tables, everything was perfectly set, the caterrers were getting the food. The bar was set up opposite to the buffet table, I had taken Fabian's help only on this one to know what all drinks needed to served. Although, both of us didn't drink alcohol except for a little fruit wine or a fruit champagne, he did know a little about them. A makeshift stage was ready for the Alpha ceremony to be performed, I checked the microphone to make sure it was working, I looked at the decorations, as the walls and trees were decorated in white and blue drapes and colourful lights.

Everything looked extremely gorgeous, I was happy with how everything looked, the front and the back garden only made it look more beautiful. I sighed happily as I hurried to take a shower and get dressed, I had to be their to welcome the guests, I took a quick shower pulling on my dress and applying light makeup. I was wearing a light blue bodyfit dress, the nature makeup complemented my dress and I had my hair wrapped in a beautiful bun. I looked at myself in the mirror satisfied, I quickly grabbed my two-inch silver heels, I walked out of my room as soon as I wore them. I didn't like wearing high heels so I was sticked to wearing small heels, I walked out to see guests have already started arriving, I quickly walked greeting and welcoming them when a loud voice interrupted.

"Vi" the voice said, I smiled knowing who it belonged to

"Li" I said softly turning to see my friend standing in front of me with a smile on her face

"How are you?" I asked smiling back at her

"I am good, how are you? Oh my God! I missed you" she whined like a baby making me laugh

"It's only been a week" I told her rolling my eyes

"I know, but I am not used to stay without my best friend for so long" she argued

"You literally made me attend an extra year of highschool because you were still going" I groaned and she smiled sheepishly

"Ummm, you are my only friend" she pouted and I laughed at her cuteness

"Fine, fine" I said raising my hands in defeat and she smiled widely

"Why are you alone?" I asked looking at her suspiciously

"Oh! I am not alone, I came with mom, she talking to your dad about something, my brother had to go for a meeting so he couldn't come" she explained and I nodded my head in understanding

"We'll go get something to drink once I greet Queen mother" I said with a smile and she nodded her head

"Where is your brother?" she asked as she looked around as if searching for something or rather someone

"He is getting ready, why?" I asked looking at her intently, she cleared her throat uncomfortably

"I was just asking" she whispered and I rolled my eyes in disbelief

"Try something better" I said with a scoff, I know her better to know she was lying

"I mean, it has been so long since I met him" she replied shyly with dreamy eyes, my eyes widened

"Oh my God! Don't tell me you are crushing after my brother" I whisper-yelled and she blushed in response

"Oh! You do" I sighed

"Did you befriend me because of my brother?" I asked feigning hurt and her eyes widened in shock

"What? No" she exclaimed hurriedly, I laughed unable to stop myself

"Oh my God! I can't believe it, my best friend has the hots for my brother, yet she never bothered offering help to put his ceremony together" I teased taunting her, she still had that wide eyed look as she hushed me

"Keep it down, will you" she yelled in my ears making me wince

"Spare my ears" I groaned and she rolled her eyes

"Whatever" she replied before I could get back to her a voice interrupted us

"What are you girls talking about?" I turned with a smile to see Queen mother approaching us

"Nothing much, we were just talking about the party" I quickly replied

"Good Evening Queen mother, I hope you like everything" I added with a smile

"Come on girl, you are our family, stop with the formalities, call me aunt Angela" she ordered and I nodded my head in agreement

"Sure, aunt Angela" I replied with a smile and she nodded her head looking pleased

"Good, by the way, I love everything, you have done a great job" she complimented my efforts, her words of praise made me smile

"Thank you" I said grateful for her kind words

"Queen mother, please let me be with you" I heard an overly sweet voice, it was so made up it made me cringe wanting to get away from the voice

"I swear, she is everywhere" Li mumbled under her breath

"Veronica, I suggest you stay with your father or your friends, we are going to stay with Voilet and her family. It's her brother's ceremony, and we are like family so we want to spend some time with them. Go ahead, enjoy the party, you might as well find your mate" Queen mother, I mean aunt Angela replied making me smile, she is so sweet

"But I am your pack" she whined like a baby, her voice was making my sensitive ears hurt

"Are you defying my orders" aunt Angela asked sternly as she glared at the she-wolf in front of her

"No, I am sorry Queen mother" she whispered bowing her head

"You may leave" aunt Angela said once again, she turned to walk away, not before giving me a glare, I rolled my eyes at her, as if I am scared of her glare, I scoffed internally

"She is a pain in the ass" Li grumbled

"What's up with you?" I asked looking at her intently

"I don't know, my wolf just seemed to be overly excited" she replied and I nodded shaking my head

"Aunt Angela, do you want to drink something?" I asked

"No, my dear, I have to meet a few of the Alpha's, you go ahead and enjoy" she whispered and we nodded our heads, I dragged Li to the bar before asking them to make us our favourite non alcoholic mocktails. He took a few minutes before handing us our drinks which we excepted happily

'I am on my way to the back yard' I got my brother's mindlink

'Okay, I am near the bar' I thought back closing the link

We were busy talking about random stuff, Li told me a little about the she-wolf from earlier. She was grumpy because she was becoming clingy and was all over her brother, he only thought of her as a friend and had made it clear, but seems like she didn't get the message. We were so engrossed in our conversation that we didn't realize Fabian arrive until both Fabian and Melissa froze in their place. Soon a loud growl erupted from my brother's chest, I looked at him confused and before I could react he pulled Melissa in his arms"

"Mate" she whispered softly, my eyes widened

"Mine" he growled loudly for the entire crowd to hear

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