Chapter 4

I stood frozen in my place for a few seconds before a wide smile spread across my face. I couldn't be happier, my brother has found his mate, and what's better, his mate is my best friend. Thank you Moon Goddess for granting my wish, I wanted nothing more than this for my brother, I have seen him sad every time he saw a pack member showing affection to their mate hoping he could be the one to do it. I know that feeling because I long for mine, nothing could have been better than this because if my brother had found his mate, then it meant, I could go search for mine. I won't be an acting Luna any more, the thought alone brought a wave of happiness and excitement in me. I looked at the two new mates as they looked at each other lovingly, I could see they are doing their best to control themselves and I am really glad that they are not eating each other's faces already blaming it on the bond like I have seen some wolves do, I cleared my throat to grab their attention.


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Midnight Shines
I will, it'll have updates more often
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Patrice Johnson
Will you update soon or will you not continue I hope you will love it so far

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