Chapter 7

I am currently sitting in office trying to sort out the paperwork I have pending since yesterday. I had to make sure I am done before lunch, we are supposed to have lunch together as Li and Fab are coming. Although Li was only coming to get her stuff, but my mother managed to make sure the tradition of inviting our newly mated daughter is followed. These are few little things that make me wonder how does she know what and when to do,it's like she was born to do all these things everyday. I shook my head pushing away the thoughts as I tired to focus on the paperwork.

Too bad, I can hardly concentrate on anything because my mind keeps going to back to everything that has happened yesterday. I thought after feeling so tired I will be able to sleep it off, but unfortunately for me, I was barely able to close my eyes. I sighed as I closed the paperwork pushing back in my desk drawer, I don't think I can manage to get it done today, not when I am so conflicted. A knoc

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