Chapter 8

I was currently sitting in the living area with Fab and Elvin, I had a good talk with Li and with how her face was glowing at the mention of her mate, I could tell she was happy with Fab. But, as her brother, I still got to make sure she stays happy all her life, I looked at Fab was sitting across the from me on the sofa staring me down as if trying to figure something out.

"Are you done watching me?" I asked annoyed by his stare

"Not really, but I am almost there" he replied looking serious as hell, what the fuck does that mean? I heard Elvin snicker beside me as he tried to hold on to his laughter

"You find this funny, don't you?" I asked glaring at him

"To be honest, this shit is kinda funny" he replied shrugging his shoulders as he turned his attention to Fab who was still staring me down

"What is that you want?" I asked annoyed turning to glare at the idiot I call my best fr

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Lisa Jackson Fernandez
??? No updates
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Lisa Jackson Fernandez
Can’t wait
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Midnight Shines
Updates start from tomorrow

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