Chapter 16

The old hot Rainee is now colder like an ice. She was slapped, shouted and hurt but she was able to accept that especially when she found out she had also hurt the person she loved. She wanted to go to Rhett but he did not know where she was going to get the money. The allowances she receives are also reduced because of what she have done at the University. Until now, she is still not given an allowance even though she badly needs it. She wanted to make excuses to Rhett but it was too vague because she knew she would not believe her.

Wala na namang kumakausap sa kaniya dahil sa takot na masigawan o masaktan niya. Walang bakas na luha ang makikita sa kaniyang mga mapupungay na mata.

No emotion.

Does not care.

No intention to speak.

It is even colder than you expected cold of ice.

Eyebags that are overgrown due to excessive crying the previous day are proof

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