It's Saturday today! So, it's my free time not school time. I hate school with a passion. Kung hindi lang ako tinatakot ni Grandpa, I am now a certified party girl. But no, he always controlling my life. Grandpa feed me, support me but I hate to tell the fact that his controlling me. I braid my hair and go outside to hang around with my friend's coffee shop. I'm wearing color peach oversized tee-shirt and white short short with white sneakers. Inihinto ko ang kotse sa gilid at pinatay ang makina.

Narating ko agad ang coffee shop ng kaibigan ko, at tumambad sa'kin ang kaniyang nakangiting mukha.

"Cleo, long time no see!" She hugged me and I did the same.

"Yeah, you know..I'm kinda busy these past few weeks, malapit na ang final." Bahagyang napangnga siya at agad na napalitan ng nang-aasar na ngisi. Oh! I know that smile!

"Busy for what? Don't tell me na dalawa na kayo ni Edzel ang naghuhunk-hunting?," Napabuntong hininga nalang ako at inirapan siya. Actually, sanay na ako sa pang-aasar niya but I can't help myself to get irritated. Yes, I'm a bitch but cheating is not my thing. For cocking sake!

"Ugh! Mara, you're making me pissed. Just give me my usual order," Tinalikuran ko siya at umupo sa pinakadulong upuan, malapit sa pinto.

Hindi pa man naihahatid ang order ko, nang biglang may pumasok na matangkad na lalaki. He's freaking hot! Sigaw ko sa aking isipan. Kung nandito lang si Edzel, paniguradong kanina pa siya nagpapansin sa lalaking ito. Mapupula ang labi nito, matangos na ilong, perpektong hugis ng mukha, at may bughaw na mata. I wonder how many girls captured by his presence, he's freaking hot.

"Here, enjoying the view?" Napaigtad ako dahil sa biglaang pagsulpot ni Mara.

"Fuck off!" Tumawa nalang ito at tuluyan na akong iniwan. Naramdaman ko ang pag-vibrate ng cellphone ko sa bulsa. It's a call!

Thundercats Grandpa is calling....

[What the hell, did you do again?!]

"What? Did Dean tell you something again, Grandpa?" I'm doomed!

[You don't respect her, Rainee Cleo Fonterra!]

"Grandpa, she's downgrading me! She's insulting me!" Hindi ko napigilan ang pagtaas ng boses kaya pinagtitinginan ako ng mga tao.

[Rainee Cleo! You are grounded! No Bar! No money! And no shopping!]


Hindi ko na natapos ang sasabihin ko dahil agad niyang pinutol ang tawag. Pilit kong pinakalma ang sarili para hindi makagawa ng iskandalo. I sipped my coffee and call Edzel number.

[Hello Kitty?]

"Hindi ako makakasama sa'yo, grounded ako ngayon. I can't go to the bar! I can't go to the mall for shopping! Ugh!"

Naramdaman ko ang panginginit ng aking katawan. Pawis na pawis na rin ako at pilit na pinapaypayan ang sarili. Oh cock! It's hot!

I end the call and walk outside. What's wrong with that coffee?! Don't tell me-SOMETHING PUT A DRUG ON MY COFFEE!

Inilibot ko ang aking paningin at saktong nahagip ng mata ko ang lalaki kanina. I run towards her and grabbed his waist inside my car. Gosh! I'm sorry!

"What the fuck?!"

"H-help me, someone put a drugs on my coffee. Please..ugh! " I did not wait for him to answer and immediately kissed him. My car is tinted so it's safe to do this here. At first he did not respond to my kiss, but after a while he resisted. He was sitting now on the drive's seat and I'm on top of him. We're kissing more passionately like a hungry beast. I felt he was bitting my lower lip gently while his hands are carressing my waist. Until I felt his warm hand on my wet core and playing my clitoris.

"Oh fuck! That's great! " I leaned against my car window because of what he did. I can't say if it's a moan or not. I want to stop him and kick his ass on this car, but I can't. Pleasure is chasing me! He's fucking me using his two fingers, after that, he licked it as if it was still delicious. Oh god!

"You're so fucking hot," he whispered. Until he's hand is starting to invade my upper cloth, I looked at him. Should I call myself a slut? I cocking kill that person who put a drugs on my coffee!

"I'm sorry...." I murmured while my eyes are still looking at him. I do not know this man but why does he seem to have an immediate effect on me? Oh cock!

"Where? For grabbing me here? Or let yourself to be fucked by me?, "He asked. Even before I could finally answer he immediately crushed me with a kiss, it went downhill. He kissed and sucked my neck while his hands are playing again on my wet core. He paused slightly and quickly took off my clothes. He left only undergarments, but it was not long before he took off everything.

"I will never regret this day, honey..." He cupped my breast using his one hand, while the other one is on my head. We exchanged kisses, saliva and growls. I can't hardly recognize myself anymore because of what I am doing now. Yes, I'm dating many guys but I never done this before. And my boyfriend doesn't know that I'm cheating on him, cock! I ate what I said!

"Can you feel this, honey?" He asked while slowly unbotton his pants. I was exposed to his lively and large pet. Oh god! I never saw a cock like this before! He stood up and laid me on the seats. He's now on top of me and holding his cock!

I gulped

I expected him to slid his cock on my bossom but he didn't. He's massaging his cock and moaning on front of me, my hormones gonewild. It grew even bigger and reddened because of what he did, oh cock this man!

I supposed to say something when he cupped me again and kissed eagerly. It became more wild and not gentle. He cupped my breast without breaking the kissed. I moaned in pleasure. He kissed me on my forehead, neck, down to my breast and - shit!

"Oh! Please... faster! That! Oh yeah .. " I can't hold my moan. I could feel him smiling because of the growl that escaped my lips. He's tounge is playing inside on my wet core and playing with clitoris. I felt something hurt on my lower abdomen.

"I think... .I'm coming... oh god! It's yeah! That! " Until I released on his mouth. He licked it and rubbed it as if it tasted delicious. He wide my legs and slid his cock on it. I could not stop screaming because he entered it so quickly. I cried because of pain.

"I'm sorry... should I pulled it back? Just tell me," He whispered while thrusting slowly. This driving me crazy!

"No... just do it faster," I said. He just nodded and do what I've said. He moved quickly as his hand on the two mountains I bulged. Until we reached our climax, he released his juice out of my core. We both sweated because of what I did, I felt tired and drowsy. Before everything became black, smile curve on my lips.

'Thank you'



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