Indeed, his back hug was a protection that assured me I have his back. In his embrace, I felt secure, safe and warm even though it was too cold.

How could I push him away when I was the one who enjoyed it the most?

Cringing at the thought, I slightly tilted my head and he buried his face more in the crook of my neck. His warm lips slowly brushed against my neck and his breath fanned upon my ear.

I felt heat ran through my every spine whilst the sensation bumped on my skin, making me have goosebumps.

"Laura." He whispered softly.

I tried to look at his face. "Yes."

After a long silence, he pulled his face up and met my gaze. "I am a virgin." He sounded real but I was not going to be fooled.

He had many girlfriends. And, that day Elita said they spent the night together. "I don't feel like joking around." I snorted, averting my gaze.

"I am not joking." He said.

I regarded him with a piercing glare. "You wan

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