Clue or concern


"Laura," I called her from behind when she was walking towards our villa at a fast pace. After she saw the girl, her face had been so straight and even more expressionless.

She wasn't okay. I could feel her. I certainly could feel the pain she was going through. And I wished I could lessen it. Though she might pretend that she was okay, I assumed she wasn't.

"What?" She didn't look back and continued walking.

I had been struggling to reach her. So rushing to her, I held her hand and decreased her speed a bit. "I do have long legs. But I don't have much energy to chase you, Laura."

"Who told you to chase me, anyway? Chase the girl, instead." She said, shooting me a murderous glare.

I clenched my jaw in confusion. "Which one?" I didn't remember talking about chasing any girl before.

"The girl who was so happy to see you right now. And you too." She mumbled, looked really pissed off. There wasn't anything to get pissed or get mad

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