Richard! I had heard this surname before. It was like years ago and I was quite sure that I did. His face wasn't a vivid memory but the name was. How come I didn't ask his full name yet? It was embarrassing.

"Ryan... have you ever seen me before?" I asked after we entered the little, cute villa.

He nodded, placing his jacket on the couch. "Yeah. Of course."

My jaw tightened. "When?"

He remained silent for a while before parting his lips again. "A long ago."

Of course, it was a long ago and that was why I couldn't remember it. "Where was it?"

This time, he chuckled at my curiosity. But it seemed so dry and unreal. "In the club."

I narrowed my gaze, realizing the playfulness of his voice. "No... before that!"

He didn't reply and walked towards the mini handmade kitchen where he grabbed a glass and placed it on the cabinet. My gaze followed him quietly.

"Laura?" He called me as he opened the cap of the juice

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