Does he have a girlfriend?


The room was deafeningly silent. I couldn't even hear my heartbeats. It feels like concrete drying in my chest.

I looked up and scanned the luxurious bedroom, adorned with flowers in every corner. Allen Group has a 60% share of Sea Queen 5-star hotel, so I should spend my first night here. Actually, I must. The hotel was as huge as a palace, rooms are so beautiful with Italian furnishings, black leather furniture, white shining marble on the floor, which reflected like a mirror,

But there I was burdened by the weight of my shattered heart, wrapped in an expensive creation of a designer, sitting on a bed decorated with rose petals. It suffocated me like hell. I hate roses. I hate flowers. Why? I don't know. I am just not interested.

When I was about to move and get up from the damn bed, I was interjected by the sound of the door opening swiftly by the man who is officially my husband for a few hours, he stepped in,

With every step bringing him closer to me, my heart clenched tighter with grief. Why? Why does it have to be him? And not Aaron? Why must fate play with me?

As my eyes welled up, I tried not to look up but assumed that he was already scanning every curve of my body, fantasizing about every part and feeling proud of his latest possession.

He strode towards the bed where I was sitting. But wait. Why is he coming to me? He won't do anything, right? He was very cool outside in front of the guests, but who knows what is he planning to do inside, behind the door! 

I need to warn him again about having no rights on me. I should. He is just one step away from me. "Listen... In case you forget..." I looked at him and started reminding him but stopped in the mid-way as he grabbed a pillow from the bed. So he wasn't going to touch me. He was looking at the pillow. Shit.

Ryan averted his gaze at me, and raised his brows, definitely arising a stupid question in his mind. "What?"

I gulped. "Um..." I paused and tried to think of something before I spoke again. "What are you going to do with the pillow?" A sigh of relief escaped my lips.

His lips parted and he stared at me as if I have said something dumb. "According to rule 7 of the contract I signed, it says that I can't sleep with you in the bed. So. I am going to sleep on the couch." He explained. 

"You signed the contract already?" I asked. Fast.

He nodded. "I did. You gave it to Alex and he gave it to me before leaving. So I signed it right then. But I forget about giving it back to you." With that, he took a folded paper out of his pocket and gave it to me. "Here is the contract. I am sorry about folding it."

"It's okay," I said and looked away immediately. I hate how he stares at me. 

He also nodded and walked away to the couch. Then settling the pillow underneath his head, he laid down on it and started scrolling his phone. Very comfortably. 

Does he have a girlfriend? Whatever. That's none of my concern.

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