Don't call me darling


"Mrs Laura."

I got no way but to face them. I looked back at them and plastered a tight smile on my face. It was the manager of the hotel who called me, now he was grinning as if he has done something very big. Damn you. I cursed underneath my breath before I ambled towards them.

The manager greeted me with the flowers in his hand. "I am the manager of this hotel.  Mr Cameron." He introduced himself as he extended his other hand to me. "Congratulations on your wedding."

I accepted his flowers and shook my hand with his. "Thanks."

Now please, let me go. Don't ask about him.

Mr Cameron nodded and rolled his eyes around, searching for someone. Must be Ryan. "By the way, where is your husband, Mr Ryan? We are waiting for him. Is he coming?"

Damn it. Should I say that I am going alone? And he will go back later? No.... that sounds weird. All the cameramen are here and if I say something like this, the news will be stirring everywhere. 

I tried to make some better excuses but at this moment my brain was not working properly.  "Um... No. Actually..."

"Darling." The voice chimed in before I could finish my words.

Wait, the voice seemed familiar.

I turned around and a relieved sigh silently escaped my lips as I saw Ryan succeeding towards me. "Are you feeling better now?" He asked with concern, looking in my direction.

I tilted my head, my jaw clenched. What feeling better? Wasn't I feeling good all the time? 

Mr Cameron was smiling but his smile faded. "Are you sick, Mrs Laura?"

Before I could reply, Ryan nodded. "Yeah. The room is so dark, there are not enough windows. She was feeling nausea. So I told her to go out of the room and get some fresh air." He paused and gazed back at me. "Are you okay now?" He asked and cupped my face, pretending to look worried.

Oh my god! What a drama! He is really good at it. But wait, who the hell permits him to touch me?

"Darling." He called sweetly but to me, it sounded like the most bitter word on this earth. I just hate it.

I moved his hands from my cheeks and nodded awkwardly. "Yeah. I am okay. We should go back home now." Because I really can't tolerate this drama anymore.

"Yeah. Let's go." He said before he held my hand, pulling me towards the entrance gate.

And as we reached there, the whole management team congratulated us with the flowers. It was only Ryan who received each of them and thanked them.

My blood boiling up and to control my anger, I was quiet until I got into my car and he sat beside me. "Who do you think you are? What is your plan?" I asked calmly. I was having patience all the time but he has crossed the borderline.

He rested his head on the headrest and tilted his head at me. "What do you mean?"

"When I was trying to wake you up so many times, you pretended that you were in deep sleep, didn't you? And earlier it was in your plan to touch me, wasn't it?" Even thinking about it makes my blood raged. How dare he?

He chuckled. "You tried to wake me up?" As if he didn't know. "I was really sleeping." He said as he took something out of his pocket and placed it on the space between us on the seat. It was the note I left on the table. 

He inhaled a deep breath. "When I woke up, I saw this note. Even I didn't think I will meet you there. It's your luck. And about touching you, I wasn't dying to touch you. Just to make it look natural, I touched you. But... there is one thing that.. I am really curious about." He said eyes narrowed.

"What?" I raised my brows.

"How can you leave your husband and think about going back home alone? How was I supposed to go back? I don't know the address, I don't even have your phone number." He wandered, his lips parted.

"That's none of my concern. don't call me darling And don't dare to touch me again." I warned him with a stern tone and looked away. 

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