Allen Mansion


Ms Ruthless. That's what actually Laura is. How can she already treat me like this? How did her boyfriend tolerate her?

"Drive fast." Ms ruthless, I mean Laura spoke and the sleek car cruised to the entrance gate of Allen Mansion, running over the black tarmac so fast that the passing greenery became a hazy blur.

Laura is always so cold to others and... doesn't care about anyone on this earth. Even marrying me was only for her satisfaction.

After arriving in front of the Allen Mansion, I realised that they are not only billionaires but also... something more than that.

The servants ran off from their places, got busy just to open the door of the car. As we got off, an old lady around 45 years old, wearing a black suit strode towards me and bowed politely. "Hello, young master. Welcome home. I am Kellie Kevin. The Butler of this mansion."

"Hello." I gave her an awkward yet gentle smile before rolled my eyes and the luxurious painted masonry in front of me reaped in my gaze.

A magnificent garden was surrounding the mansion and the front of the mansion has a water feature cascading over the top of the wall into a pool in the inner courtyard. The cream coating of the paint of the mansion shined as the sun beat down on it.

The roof was peaked, slanting down at an angle. The windows had cream colour curtains hanging on the other side of them, drawn so that the sunlight could stream through.

A servant came to Ms Kellie and passed a bouquet that she was holding. "Young lady, congratulations on your new married life." Ms Kellie gave Laura a sweet smile and handed her the bouquet.

Laura remained calm, her eyes darkened as if she has a lot of turmoil for her inside that she was trying to hold back. "Why are you here now?" Her voice harsh.

Ms Kellie's smile started fading though she was trying to plaster it on her face. "I took a week off. I was not feeling well."

"You are lying. You just didn't want to be there with me even when you know how is everyone treating me lately!" She said, sarcastically but there was a hidden pain in this harshness.

I guess Laura is close to Ms Kellie and she wanted Ms Kellie to be with her in the critical moments but she was absent, that's why she is upset.

Ms Kellie's expression was apparent evidence of her guilt. "Young lady. I didn't want to see..." Laura didn't wait to listen to her explanation, she made her way inside the mansion.

Ms Kellie sighed helplessly before she looked at me. "Let me escort you to your room." I nodded and slumped into the mansion with her.

The grand hallway was featuring a large curved staircase on the side to the left entrance door. We proceeded along the staircase that escorted us to the second floor where Laura, actually now our bedroom was suited.

"Here is your room. Go in. Get freshen up and take some rest." Ms Kellie said.

"Thank you, Ms Kallie." I smiled before I closed the door and turned around to see what's actually happening here.

My eyes widened immediately. What the fuck!

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