When Rhia and I got out of the car, we were welcomed by the stares from the females who had stopped their tracks all of a sudden.

Rhia chuckled as she felt their gazes. "Congratulations, you are going to be popular among the girls."

I scoffed at her and leaned my back on the car. "You are kidding. It was true in my previous college but in this college, it's quite impossible because there are dozens of rich hot guys here."

Rhia shook her head. "All the girls are staring at you, not me." She voiced so confident as if she has degrees on this topic. "Anyways, Thank you so much, brother-in-law, for the drive."

"My pleasure. But Rhia..." I paused and looked at her after locking the car. "You can call me Ryan as well. We are the same age, right? And in college 'brother-in-law' sounds quite awkward."

"Do you think it'll be okay with you?" She asked, narrowing her eyes as she walked closer to me.

I nodded and moved away with an awkward

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