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"Really Ryan? You got into a fight! And With Nick! Like... seriously? It's your first day." Alex stated, clearly in disbelief. "Are you still the high school's badass boy?" He almost shouted at me, nagging just like an old granny.

I silently slumped beside him above the bench, not bothering about what he said. My blood was still ragging inside my body for what happened earlier. I would have just broken his neck. What a bastard.

"Nick deserves it. But really dude, when Ryan punched Nick, it reminded me of the time of our high school. Damn, Ryan was the coolest at that time. Nick is going to learn his lessons soon. If he is bad, Ryan is his dad." My friend, Henry laughed, giving Dihan a high-five. Dihan is my other childhood friend who has biased me for punching his enemy. I think it's not only him, so many students were glad about the fact that Nick got a punch on his face.

Flipping out of their rubbish talk, I tried to glide my mind on something else,

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