Chapter - 25

Getting a grip over me lying down on the bed I kept staring at the open door and the moving curtains where I had dreamt of him standing mere minutes ago. I think I was too tired from everything 'adventure' as I felt my eyes drooping and a wave of sleep drawled over my body, blurring the curtains from my view. I was aware of the black clouding my senses when I felt a feathery touch on my cheek. The soft padded fingers lingered on my skin and drifted to my lips, slowly, sensually, making me shudder as new feelings awoke in my slumber. I could imagine those alluring eyes turning black as he ignited the fire in me. Yes, I was sure it was him, I could feel it, smell him. The very same musky fragrance washing over my senses. The fingers brushed across my bottom lips, tenderly traveling down my chin to my throat and my collar bone, hesitantly stopping there. Only he could muster such reactions from me!

I was breathing faster than before now as new feelings swept over me. The fingers g
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