Chapter - 4

Rachel P. O. V. 

I paid for my things at the cash counter and walked out of the store. I saw that it was already dark. Likewise, I bit my lips in dread and decided I should leave for the orphanage as soon as possible because my orphanage wasn't located in the safest of areas. Especially after the sun sets, since it was completely isolated. I walked quickly, feeling my skin prickle with the feeling of being watched, that was one of the reasons I didn't like dark. The certain paranoia that I was being watched was unavoidable. I started walking a bit faster once I heard the gravel crunching behind me, my heart rate picking up in fear.

My every sniffle could be heard in the dark, silent evening. My head was kept down as I started counting the tracks I passed by on the pavement to keep my mind distracted from the fact that I was all alone.

10 minutes into my walk, I heard loud laughter on the opposite sidewalk. Startled, I began to walk faster to bypass the loud group. Suddenly, the laughter got louder as they approached closer, and eventually, they had me cornered against the nearest brick wall. There was so much darkness on that side that I could not even see anyone's face. But after listening to all those sounds, it seemed that those people were 4 in number. 

Suddenly, I felt an arm go around my waist and a large cold clammy hand clamps onto my face, preventing me from screaming. I struggled against the vile hands, trying to get free, but the man held me tightly. I felt him tighten his grip, effectively cutting off my air intake, causing me to struggle more.

“Guys, see what do we have here"

One man spoke in a cooky voice. I panicked, started to feel light-headed.

“I think the little girl got lost on the way home, hun?"

The same man pouted mockingly and pushed one of my hairs to stand behind my ear, causing me to flinch. The absolute disgust of being touched against my will making my face twist up immediately. The way his hands gripped me tightly as if I were just an object for them to possess, to grab when they wanted, not a living breathing person, and it all made you feel filthy.

“Please... le…"

I belted through my cries.

“Don't cry little girl, this will be quick"

another guy interrupted, and I opened my eyes in fear and saw him... He had silver grills lining his teeth, with a tattoo scrawled on his forehead. A pair of black radiators placed over his eyes and right now, he was pressing his body against my small frame.

Throughout the whole interaction, I was frozen in place, though shaking in fear. 

I somehow bit his hand that held my mouth and a scream escaped my lips and heavy sobs followed.

“Please help... somebody..."

I again screamed.

"Quite, you little bitch !!!"

He gritted and pushed me more in the wall with his waist, so I can feel every inch of his disgusting body. 

I had given up all hope of my escape, but suddenly, he jumped back and the next thing I saw was him laying on the road in pain while all his people were wringing away from there. Their facial expressions were filled with pain and fear. He was repeatedly nodding his head like insane.

But to whom?

There was no one here except them and me. Right then out of nowhere I felt like I was near fire, it was much too hot around here. 


A shooting voice filled in my ears. I can feel that person is behind me, so I turned around there was no one but the strange feeling of someone being so close to me and someone watching me was still there. I looked around trying to find the person but didn't see anyone.

“You better run,"

Someone whispered in my right ear, and that awakened every cell in my body. I don't know why, but I found that I was obeying him even though I didn't want to. Like someone has held me under his control. 

And when I found myself fully conscious, I was standing outside my orphanage.

Unknown P. O. V.

The demon king, Lucifer Black is the most dangerous and brutal demon. He is the cruel and dark king of the devil's kingdom named Lucifer's hell. The demon of deception and savagery. He loved to kill, and had dark magic that could rip his enemies into pieces quickly of a second. Going against him meant death because he is the strongest demon in the realm.

He was merciless and everyone feared him, even his family.

His body, his features, and his voice had authority among the whole demons. And looked like he was made for the night of all of its sins... Years of war and battle made him cold, his enemies made him more ruthless.

The whole kingdom was hoping that he could find his mate in the near future because without his mate he became the most dangerous and brutal devil and all his life tends to get boring, so he started torturing and killing other creatures, punishing them brutally or giving them slow but painful death as a form of entertainment.

Lucifer was growing impatient and was getting cruel and colder each passing hour without his partner because if he finds his partner his mate he will get his all magical strength and unlimited power so that no one will ever beat him. Everyone was hoping that he will change when he finds his soul mate or maybe only she would be able to melt his unbreakable ice (his heart) and soften his stone-like emotionless heart.

But right now, he is the devil disguised, a walking sin who had everything within a snap of his fingers, but expect his mate.

He was huge and his every small glance held power and dominance, fearless and over-powerful.

His dangerous and dark, rugged look added more charm to his personality. He has a slightly tan complexion that suggested it was his natural skin tone, but appreciated. He was every woman's darkest fantasy because he could satiate any hunger, he could please and torment and make his victims willingly submit to him.

His height must be around 6' 7 or 6'8 or maybe more. His biceps were always threatening to rip out from his tight-fitted suit, which he always likes to wear. And he was sturdy.

He was not a creature whoever behind in love, but he has to find her soon.

His deep and dark blue eyes seem to glow in brightness and his skin looks like the color of anger and death with thin but bright full pink lips made him even more attractive.

His all-black wings pour out the darkness that always kept appearing and disappearing. Overall, he has everything that every girl desires and yes, every female demon worship the ground he walks on.

He always used that opportunity to fulfill his lust and sinful desires and after that for only to kill them the next day.

Indeed, he was fearful but his devilish aura that's impossible to ignore because he is the only one who seeks dominance and power. All is according to his wish, this is what Lucifer just wants.

“Everything and everyone under his thumb and love of his mate"


I am looking to escape my darkness

Out in the dark over the shadow

The fallow fawns invisible go

The melting candles of my life are a shame

As I do not fit in that frame

Through spring and fall

I loved you, and you're all

I am looking to escape my emptiness

The moon is my sun, the night is my day

Your blood is my life, and you are my prey

I always own every part of you, in return

Take my heart for it only beats to you

✿ 4 years ago ✿ 

It was dark, and the clouds were crying rain... And the environment was filled with the many sounds of howling echoed and sounds of growling with anger.

A beautiful lady covered with dirt and buries was restrained with chains crowned her arms, neck, and legs... She tried to scream as she felt excruciating pain in every part of her dedicated body, but no voice came out of her mouth.

Parting her lips, she tried taking a deep breath. She slowly dragged her tired eyes to look around and flinched when she saw the most powerful demon king in this whole dark world himself walked towards her with elongated fangs and dark black eyes, looked like a vicious beast who just wanted to wring her soul.

On the other side, she was trembling on the floor, lifelessly waiting for her death.

Because she knew very well how big a mistake she made by snatching someone who belongs to him and hiding such a big thing from Lucifer Black.

Whatever her circumstances are today, this is the only reason that she only wanted to save her only family member from the havoc of the merciless demon king.

Lucifer just stands in front of her with his signature but the deadly devilish grin on his face with calm gesture and then.

What do think, who is she?

And what was she hiding?

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