Chapter - 5

Lucifer started to laugh dangerously as he fisted lifeless female angel's beautiful, thick and elegant red hair, tugged it harshly and said 

"" Well well well you beautiful angel... What did you think ??? You could use this dedicated body to seduce me and tried to harm me…, not possible hun ???""

Lucifer spat on her and continued which made her whimper and tears pooled her eyes in fear...

"" By the way I like your neck the most perfect curve... And it will be fun when I slowly separate it from your body... But you know what I will like the most to break it by pressing and then rushing it !!! ""

He laughed evilly and wrapped his fingers around her neck, squeezing it to the point that she couldn't breathe as she felt her lungs burning from the absence of air but ignoring her pain he kept adding pressure and when he was about to wring her neck, but something was stopping him from killing her...

That something was his own advantage !!!

"" Tell me

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