Chapter - 9

Rachel P. O. V.

MINE !!!

 ““ All mine my little Rachel, finally I found you...””

My little kitten, my deadly poison and remedy as well... only you will alone make me feel alive... the deadly combination of darkness and innocence !!!

My Rachel !!!

A deep hypnotizing voice called my name and this was enough... I can't handle myself anymore I felt blackout, but before I could fell to the ground, two hands hold my waist and held me up to a strong chest...

““ Don't worry my love I can take all your pain away, baby don't afraid of me... you just let me in your heart, and you will know that how much you mean to me... you are the only calm that I needed all this while for my raging storm... but we have to wait until your eighteen birthday then you will be mine forever ””

The same voice whispered in my ear making me freeze on my spot... I felt rough fingers gently caressing my cheeks... 

I slowly looked up and gazed into the most beautiful deep blue eyes
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