Chapter - 19

My love for you is just like fire, 

That will consume you in its flames, 

That all the desires get fulfilled, 

My feelings have always been wild and tilt, 

Whenever I see you nothing remains the same, I can't point you for this, 

But you too feel the same, 

We are scared of telling each other Because we both are hard to be tamed, 

But I believe that one day, 

We'll find our way to each other without any blame...

Rachel P. O. V.

 “Lucifer, you know very well that no - - -no - - - one can kill me” 

The boy said and stumbled back terrified.

“I know I can't kill you with my demonic powers but your bad luck... I have the weapon that can kill you... With that, I can kill anybody I want... But I would love to kill you disgusting scum...”

Lucifer said softly, and I looked up at him forcing myself to stand. I collapsed to my knees and fell back. There was a burst of flames behind me and I felt imme
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nice really good
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his confession is beautiful
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always welcome you're amazing

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