Chapter - 22

This mark in the mirror of your soul is my favourite sin,

But I want revenge from you because you let that happen to yourself.

I only had the right to mark you, to feel you, have those special bonds with you, but you let that happen to yourself.

Yes, I agree I was heartless, but you made me cruel as betrayed me, Anastasia. It's all because of you. Misery and degradation, and death, was nothing that God or Devil could inflict would have parted us, you, of your will, did it. I was not broken— you have broken it and in breaking my heart, you have broken my soul as well. If I stab your body, it heals, but injure the heartbreak and the wounds that your betrayal gave me lasts a lifetime. 

Anastasia P. O. V. 

Finally, the day has come when I have been eagerly waiting for, my heart is saying that Dimitri is coming to me. Currently, living my life feels like a constant tickling bomb attached to my body, the moments with Dimitri are fearful and intimidating but t
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janina lara
he is too ruthless
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nice update

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