Cruel Destiny
Cruel Destiny
Author: SweCanMia


" he.. he r..a..p.e.." before I could finish my sentence he cut me off.

"Pathetic girls like you are meant to be fucked by those men, why are you complaining anyways? I fucked you, he fucked you just the size would be different, I am sure you enjoyed it as much as you enjoyed my dick" he said smirking looking at my broken form.

" How can you say this? " I shouted at him with tears flowing down my eyes.

" Oh shut up you orphan bitch, don’t fucking ever raise your voice at me and after this lesson, if you want more, I have many other men like him," he said laughing at me




What happens when an orphan girl with the purest soul meets a man who from start played her, used her, and threw her ??

What happens when she finds the truth about the man whom she loved with all her heart?

Most importantly what will happen when destiny throws her into a maze that ends only at one place misery

But between all this, the most important question is 'will she ever be loved ?'

Join the journey of Natasha and the man who had played her well Liam Knights.

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Esther Mwangi
I love the book

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