Chapter 8

Third Person POV

Liam's plan was working well and everything was going right according to his masterplan.

It was his last chance to fuck her and he doesn't want to let it go. So a promise ring would be enough for her to spread her legs.

He gave her what she wanted. A promise which would secure their future.

She was looking at him teary eyes while innocence was shining on her face.

He felt bad for a few seconds when he saw her innocent face but then shook his head internally to shake these thoughts off.

It was his last chance to fuck her virgin pussy and he is only one step behind it.

He saw how she was looking at the ring with so much love. He scoffed internally and rolled his eyes.

She didn't notice it as she was so busy admiring this cheap ring. 'The ring wasn't even that beautiful' he thought in his mind.

On the other side, Nata

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Ann Short
I love the story line

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