Chapter 9


Third Person POV

She was trembling but he didn't pay any attention to it and untucked her top from the skirt and pulled away.

He removed her t-shirt and looked at her bra clad tits. She saw his dark eyes on her body and covered it with her hands.

He frowned and pushed her hands away and started to peppered kisses on her neck.

He bit on her collarbone softly drawing a moan for the first time out of her mouth.

He started to suck on it and pulled back and saw his painting. The mark was bright red and it's making him proud.

He moved back his hand and unhooked her black bra. He can hear her heart thundering in her chest.

He removed it and threw it somewhere and groaned when he saw her dusty rose nipples.

He pushed her gently on the mattress and latched on her nipple. He licked it with his tongue until it got hard as a pebble.

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