Chapter 11

When I was seven, I asked my Mom for a new bike. I wanted this bike more than anything, convinced it would solve all of my child-like problems. Bright pink with waves of gentle orange, bright streamers dangling from the handles, and a large wicker basket on the front. I had begged and pleaded, negotiated and screamed until I was blue in the face.  

Mom had already gotten me a bike two months ago, a present for my birthday. She couldn't understand why I needed another; what importance that bike held in my child-like mind. Another month had passed, my begging and pleading only growing worse. Her and Dad were often on the same page, agreeing over just about everything. My begging and pleading had cracked Dad's willpower. He asked Mom if we could get me the bike. Dad understood as he always did. He understood what that bike meant to me, understood my childish reasons behind wanting it in the first place.  

Mom was solid in her resolve, but suggested a s

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goodnovel comment avatar
Wait!!! so you (author) just sent her to the battle field to cause her mother's death and that's it??? ... thought she was finally going to put her big girl panties on. what a downer
goodnovel comment avatar
Monic Okpara
if she had just stay hidden and not show her self her mom would still be alive Jane doe you are a darling just finished alpha Killian it was wonderful
goodnovel comment avatar
If she had been stronger her mother might not have died because Rae would have been fighting or at least able to defend herself

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