Chapter 12

Two days; that was how long I sat in the spare bedroom of Liam's house.  

Food tasted like ash in my mouth, mixing with my spit to create a disgusting cement texture. I felt itchy and uncomfortable in my own skin, but couldn't force myself to shift.  

The day after the fight, a large ceremony was held for all of the lives lost. I couldn't force myself from the bed, couldn't force myself to face what I had lost.  

The pain was overwhelming, and some cruel part of me hoped Alpha Atlas could feel every excruciating sting that pulsed under my skin. After the pain he had caused me for months, he deserved a little in return.  

Liam, Dustin, Kris, Nicki and Tyra all visited me that day. They didn't force me to go, nor did they pressure me into leaving the room. Kris was the only one who seemed to understand what I was feeling, as he too had lost his Mom many years ago.  

Liam's parents welcomed me into the

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Himitsu Lee
I cried…..thanks for making me cry
goodnovel comment avatar
Monic Okpara
that's what am taking baby am sure is going to be a badass fighter
goodnovel comment avatar
Kimi Hernandez
Nice to see her progression from a weak she wolf to someone who is becoming very strong

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